The new Sicam wheel balancer is equipped with leading-edge sensors for detecting wheel (rim and tyre) width, reading the number of spokes and measuring the rim diameter, to indicate the exact placing of weights of all kinds.


SBM WAVE 7 was born at FYRE LAB, the Sicam research laboratory dedicated to creating innovative solutions to make your job easier.

The SBM WAVE 7 has two sonar devices that scan the wheel to optimise the perfect tyre-rim weight combination.

LSU (Laser Scanner Unit)


The smart solution that recognises the rim profile and type for you, and tells you exactly where to fit the weights.

Precision and technology:
perfect balance

Thanks to the automatic wheel clamping and positioning system, aided by the laser pointer, you know exactly where to fit the balancing weight.

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  • Anti-dazzle touchscreen monitor, reactive even to a gloved hand
  • Smart pedal: just one clamping and release pedal
  • Speed and precision: a balancing cycle takes just 6 seconds

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