Postponement of the presentation of an industrial plan

Sicam announces that the way the new governance bodies have managed the activities , from the day they took charge , has been confirmed consistent with the reorganization process . Therefore it was possible to obtain from the Court of Reggio Emilia the extension of the terms for the presentation of the Debtors’ Legal Reorganization Plan.

The reasons that made the request for the extension necessary depend directly on the amount of work that both the structure and the advisors, besides the governance bodies themselves who are committed on all fronts, are dealing with in order to gain the confidence of the Court and consequently of our creditors, according to the principle that our mutual aim is the safeguard of the “company” and its workers.

To date, the new governance bodies are continuing to meet possible interlocutors (Industrial and Financial Groups) interested in our company, this is why they have requested the postponement of the presentation of an industrial plan to creditors