Sicam is a specialised producer of tyre changers, wheel balancers, wheel aligner and tyre service equipment. Founded in 1975, it began operations at Correggio, near Reggio Emilia, the world automotive service hub.


Over the years, this all-Italian business won a leading position amongst the top producers of tyre service centre and vehicle repair workshop equipment. Today, it is a player of excellence, with a driving role in its industry.

Embracing change does not mean casting doubt on our core values.
Customer- and Quality-focus, a sense of Responsibility towards our work, our staff and the environment where we operate, and also Creativity.


“No man
an island”

John Donne.

At Sicam, we are well aware of this: we encourage the exchange and sharing of ideas,



and are open to inspiration, because creativity is essential for building a future that comes up to our expectations.