The new F10 tyre changer, designed and developed entirely by Sicam in-house, is the current state of the art.
Equipped with the innovative S-TALON, the new tyre mounting and demounting tool.


F10 and S-TALON were born at FYRE LAB, the Sicam research laboratory dedicated to creating innovative solutions to make your job easier.

The constant search for perfection now gives us S-TALON, the new, patented Sicam system.
Innovation is our nature.



Thanks to its unique shape and swinging motion, with S-TALON you can mount and demount tyres without stressing the rubber and without touching the rim.

The creation of S-TALON
But S-TALON does not stand alone

The F10’s outstanding performances would not be possible without the precise dual-arm bead breaker system and the two bead breaker discs, which prepare the ground for S-Talon to operate during demounting. During mounting, the auxiliary tool facilitates fitting of the tyre onto the rim.

Watch the F10 in action

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  • Precise, secure wheel clamping system
  • Ergonomic, position-adjustable console
  • Side wheel lift with capacity up to 80 kg

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