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Our home is Correggio, the top global hub for tyre service centre and vehicle repair workshop equipment. It is here, every day, that we meet, develop new solutions, get results and never settle for second best. We produce tyre changers, wheel balancers, wheel aligner and tyre service equipment. It is here, in the heart of Italy’s Emilia region, that we build our customers’ success.

A Non-negotiable Value

R&D, consumer-led innovation, technical and technological skills, continual improvement and certified processes, teamed with lean production. These are the fundamentals underlying our operations, which guarantee our products’ performances. The result of what we do depends to a great extent on how we do it.



of energy
produced in-house


proportion of energy
from renewable sources




CO2 emissions

Fads vs. Facts

We are aware that we have to conduct our business in harmony with the economic system: environment-friendliness and social responsibility, including an awareness of future generations.


So we regularly audit our processes and practices, constantly striving to recognise and embrace improvement.


Che tipo di officina hai?

Qualunque sia il tuo business, Sicam ha tutto quello che serve.
Lo dimostrano le numerose testimonianze di successo di operatori del settore con esigenze anche molto diverse.
A ogni domanda, Sicam sa dare una risposta.

Mario Rossi

Rossi Gomme
Garage di quartiere


  • Spazi contenuti
  • Montaggio, equilibratura
  • Clientela molto fidelizzata

Luigi Verdi

Verdi Service
Officine specializzate


  • Spazi medio-grandi
  • Montaggio, equilibratura, assetto
  • Clientela fidelizzata e occasionale

Antonio Bianchi

Workshop multiservice


  • Spazi grandi
  • Stazioni dedicate e diverse tipologie di veicolo (vettura, camion, moto…)
  • Clientela fidelizzata, occasionale, flotte e imprese



With Sicam, help is always there.
Enter the Service section to request:


  • software and technical documents
  • warranty
  • spare parts
  • technical work

Training Center


Learn to make full use of all Sicam equipment’s potentials. Attend the training sessions at our headquarters for operators wishing to extend their technical knowledge.

News & Exhibitions

News & Exhibitions

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